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The 8-List HR Consultancy provides advice on the following areas:

  • Employment Contracts

  • HR Policy Manual

  • Flexible Wage System

  • Industrial Relations

  • Organisational Design

  • Learning & Development

  • Performance Management

  • Executive Search

  • Career/Performance Coaching

Business Consulting

The 8-List Biz Consultancy provides these services:

  • Market & Portfolio Analysis and Rationalisation

  • Mid/Long-Term Strategy Development

  • Strategy Execution & KPI Framework

  • Operations Alignment (organisation, assets, manpower, processes)

  • Productivity Review & Digitalisation

  • Grants Eligibility Assessment

  • Manpower Training & Change Management

HR Consulting



Skills Academy

The 8-List Skills Academy conducts courses and events under 2 categories – Mind (& Competencies) & Body (& Fitness/Sports Skills):

Mind (& Competencies):

  • Be the Best Version of Yourself (Character Qualities)

  • So Delighted! (Customer Learning Journey)

  • Reach Up & Achieve (Motivation)


Body (& Fitness/Sports Skills):

  • The Yogi Clinic

  • Netball & Me

  • Run for Your Life


Nibble is a cloud-based kitchen catering for young adults looking for delicious and wholesome yet affordable meals.


Bespoke wellness

Elyzey Pte. Ltd. sells a sleep inducing pillow spray made of 100% essential oils from sustainable sources around the world. It creates bespoke in-room amenities for renowned hotel brands, such as Andaz and Concorde Hotel Singapore.

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