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Venture Investments

8-List is always on the lookout for good investment ideas, and promising start-ups.


Ninja Catering is a catering company, which delivers to many Fortune 500 companies and MNCs in Singapore. It places great emphasis on culinary flair, food quality, and Instagram-worthy presentations. Their note-worthy line – “delicious food never goes out of style”. Their offshoot (yet-to-be-named) is in the works, and will be announced shortly. Queue up Singapore!!

Feastr is a UK-based start-up with a family of delivery-only restaurants bringing SoBe Burger and Chick ‘N’ Bun to London’s households from its Shoreditch and Vauxhall kitchens. We are eagerly watching out for four more kitchens in Camden and Battersea soon! London, here I come after virus bites the dust!!


Entelechy Academy is a UK-based start-up with a revolutionary learning platform for development of character qualities. Their tag-line: “Character is key to achieving everything”. Who can argue with that?! (I will not, lest I be sent for remedial class in common-sense!)


8-List continues to look out for good business ideas, especially those that also serve to better the lives of others.

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